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by Stephanie Stahl

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Reality TV star Jack Osbourne recently found out he has multiple sclerosis. Today, he spoke about it for the first time on CBS’s “The Talk.” 3 On Your Side Health Reporter Stephanie Stahl is here with more.

Two hundred people are diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, or MS, every week in the United States. Jack Osbourne says he found out last month that he has it and is now talking about it.

Twenty-six-year-old Jack Osbourne opened up about his MS diagnosis on CBS’s “The Talk” with his mother Sharon, a co-host, at his side.

“One minute you can be fine, and the next [thing] you know, I went blind in my right eye. And it’s a completely unpredictable disease,” Jack says.

Multiple sclerosis is a progressive disease of the central nervous system, which attacks the brain and spinal cord.

Jack says that over the past few years, he’s been having symptoms, including bladder and stomach problems, numbness in his legs, and most recently, significant vision loss in his right eye.

Jack also says his vision is back to about 80 percent now.

“The prognosis for somebody diagnosed in their 20s is that they’ll have a mild, what’s known as relapsing remitting course, where they may have periods of difficulty and need treatment,” explains Dr. Melissa Carran, a neurologist at Cooper University Hospital. She says medication is available to help stop symptoms and prevent progression of the disease.

“Most people function very well; they continue to work,” Dr. Carran says.

Jack says an MRI and spinal tap confirmed his diagnosis. He says he injects himself daily with medicine and will need to change his eating and exercise habits.

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