By Matt Leon

CHESTER, Pa. (CBS) — A just-graduated Widener women’s lacrosse player leaves a legacy of public service at her alma mater.

Annalicia Geeter’s career at Widener University will be remembered for much, much more than just her time playing lacrosse.  As a sophomore, Geeter and classmate Kate Fetterman founded Northern Star Sports, an after-school program that works with young people in Chester, Pa.

“We put these kids through a bunch of different sports, but we put them through drills to be taught a character objective,” she says.  “The character objective teaches things like values, perseverance.  It teaches the kid things about themselves. How we do that is we put them through obstacles that are geared toward that character objective for the day.”

Northern Star Sports is set up to thrive and expand even as Geeter graduates and moves on.  And she will pursue her passions now overseas,  as she heads to England at the end of the summer to play, coach, and promote lacrosse.

She also is looking to start a program similar to Northern Star Sports while she is there.



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