By Mark Abrams

By Mark Abrams

LANSDALE, Pa. (CBS) – Students and faculty at St. Stanislaus parish school in Lansdale celebrated the end of an era Wednesday by digging up a time capsule.

They gathered to mark the end of St. Stanislaus School and birth of Mater Dei school – the new regional elementary school to be established at the St. Stanislaus site.

A custodian dug up a time capsule buried beneath a school sign on the lawn. It was placed in 1991.

Linda Brown, a phys ed teacher at the school for 32 years, says the artifacts – including photos and school memorabilia – are going to be placed in a new tube and buried after the school community gets a chance to look at them.

And, Brown says items from the 2011-2012 school year also will be placed in a capsule.

“We’re going to make a CD and put that in of the different things that we’ve done.”

Pre-school teacher Katie Mitchell was a second grader when the 100th anniversary capsule was buried and made a discovery among the documents.

“I didn’t remember what we put in there, but here it is a reconciliation booklet.”

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