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Stigall Show Log 6.13.12

5:40 President Obama was in Philadelphia last night to raise money and speak to high school graduates.

barack obama Stigall Show Log 6.13.12

Barack Obama (Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

5:57  Government spending has exploded under the last two presidential administrations.

6:10 Mitt Romney said he will repeal and replace Obamacare if elected.

6:41 George H.W. Bush is not a fan of Justin Bieber.

george h w bush Stigall Show Log 6.13.12

George H. W. Bush (Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images)

6:44 A new Quinnipiac poll shows Bob Casey leading his opponent, Tom Smith, by 19 points.

6:58 A joke Don Rickles make about Barack Obama was edited out of a tribute to Shirley McClain that will air on TV Land.

7:10 Chris talks to the Kevin Cirilli in Bellefonte PA, covering the Jerry Sandusky trial for the Philly Post.

7:43 James Carville doesn’t think people believe the economy is recovering and that the president should talk about ideas for the future.

7:50 Chris talks to Jennifer Stefano, The Pennsylvania Director for Americans for Prosperity, about the prospects or Mitt Romney carrying the state.

8:14 Chris talks to the Philly Post’s Tom McGrath about Ed Rendell’s relationship with President Obama and last night’s fundraisers at the Franklin Institute.

8:29 Burger King will soon offer an ice cream sundae with bacon.

8:42 A remake of the television show Dallas begins tonight on TNT.

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