Stigall Show Log 6.12.12

5:41 Jay Carney chastised the press for continuing to dwell on the President’s comments about the private sector doing fine.5:57 Will Pennsylvania be in play for Mitt Romney?

6:11 Philadelphia is the most bed bug infested city.


bed bugs2 Stigall Show Log 6.12.12

Bed Bugs (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)


6:16 Property tax deliquents owe the city and city schools over $500 million.

6:17 North Dakota is voting today on whether to eliminate property taxes

6:27 Neshaminy teachers have terminated their strike.

6:40 Chris talks to Jay Wiederhold from the Pennsylvania Beer Alliance about how efforts to privatize the Liquor Control Board will effect beer distributors.

7:10 Chris talks to Kevin Williams, about a special showing of his film, Fear of a Black Republican.

7:29 British Prime Minister David Cameron forgot his daughter at a pub after lunch.

david cameron Stigall Show Log 6.12.12

David Cameron (Photo by Chris Jackson/WPA-Pool/Getty Images)

7:40 Chris talks to Kevin Cirilli of the Philly Post, reporting from the Jerry Sandusky trial.

7:58 Pollster John Zogby thinks that younger voters are becoming disillusioned with politics.

8:14 Chris speaks with Pennsylvania Representative Mike Turzai about his efforts to privatize the state’s liquor control board and alcohol sales.

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