By Jim Donovan:  Southwest and AirTran have rolled out what they’re calling a 3-day “Fall Travel Super Sale”. The sale covers flights from August 13 through November 14.

Ticket prices are based on the length of your flights. The cheapest fares of $49 each way are for flights of 500 miles or less. Flights of between 501 and 1,30 miles cost $99 each way, while flights of more than 1,301 miles are priced at $139 each way. Even though Southwest now operates AirTran, each carrier’s flights are not yet available for purchase on the other’s website.

These fares are not available on Fridays and Sundays and the following dates are blacked out too: Aug. 18, Aug. 30, Sept. 3, and Sept. 4. Also, this mileage-based sale applies to nonstop flights only. The sale ends at 11:59 p.m. PT on Thursday. Limited seats are available.

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