By Ben Simmoneau

BELLEFONTE, Pa. (CBS/AP) — In something of a surprise, Mike McQueary walked into the Centre County Courthouse on Tuesday afternoon and took the stand in Jerry Sandusky’s child sex abuse trial.

McQueary is the Penn State football grad assistant who told the Grand Jury he saw Sandusky doing something sexual with a boy in the showers of Penn State’s football building back in 2001.

“I heard showers running and smacking sounds – skin on skin smacking sounds,” he said on the witness stand about that night.

“I stepped probably two or three paces to get a better view and looked directly into the shower and see Coach Sandusky right up against the back of a young boy with the boy’s hands up against the shower wall with Coach Sandusky’s arms wrapped around the boy’s midsection.”

As for intervening, he said: “I slammed the locker door shut to make a loud sound …I made the loud noise in an attempt to say, ‘Someone’s here, break it up please.’ At that time, both individuals were separated looking directly at me. Both individuals saw me. We looked directly in the eye, and at that time I left the locker room.”

Prosecutor Joe McGettigan asked him if he saw sexual intercourse.

McQueary said, “I thought I saw it, yes. No doubt about that.”

The next day he went to see Coach Joe Paterno:

“I told him what I had seen on the surface,” he said. “I made sure he knew it was sexual. It was wrong. No doubt about that.”

McQueary’s testimony came after an emotional morning, where the young man known as alleged Victim Number 1 spent hours on the stand, breaking down several times as he described how Sandusky initiated oral sex at least 25 times.

In a broken voice, the accuser said he knew oral sex would be initiated by Sandusky’s action, saying that “after rubbing and cracking my back and rubbing his hands down the back of my shorts and then blowing on my stomach,” he would initiate oral sex.

“Did he do something else to you?” Prosecutor Joe McGettigan asked.

“Yes. Same routine, except this time, he sat there and looked at me and said something along the lines of, ‘It’s your turn.’”

On cross examination, Sandusky’s attorney Joe Amendola pointed out inconsistencies in the accuser’s testimony, saying at different times he told the Grand Jury differing number as to how often the abuse occurred.

And what does attorney Michael Boni think of that strategy?

“I think Joe Amendola has precious little to go on.”

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