By Dom Giordano

by Dom Giordano – 5/19/12-

The biggest difference  I notice between the campaign of 2012 and 2008 is the contrasting styles of Governor Romney and Senator Mc Cain.  I deeply admire Mc Cain as a patriot and true American hero. However , he ran a deeply flawed campaign on at least two levels. He flew by the seat of his pants picked people like Sarah Palin without proper vetting and analysis. Romney, I believe is very exacting in his search for his vice president. He will run this in a very careful methodical manner.

The other big difference is that Mc Cain seemed to think that issues like the wild speeches  and behavior of the Rev. Jeremiah Wright were not fair game in ads and debates. I  think the Romney people believe that now that the Washington Post and the Obama people are trotting out the story of Romney being a bully forty seven years ago while he was in high school, the bill Ayers, Rev. Wright, etc. issues are issues again.

Romney is also showing pretty good discipline  in acknowledging that he differs with the president on the issue of gay marriage while directing reporters and others back to the big issues of jobs and the economy. He will stick to this despite massive attempts to lur him onto a war on women, kids , or other strawmen.

I also expect Romney to be very prepared for the debates. Mc Cain apparently did little or no practice for the debates. That is very telling and amazing. this president is a very ordinary debater but skillful at avoiding areas of weakness. However, with proper focus and followup Romney can take him and position himself as someone who can fix the economy. I predict he will do that very well and based upon previous debates mount an offensive against the President.

Therefore, as we head into the election of our lives, I predict a romney win based on discipline and a proper sense of the issues that are fair game.

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