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Liberals claim the Constitution is a living document designed to ‘progress’ foreword. James Madison authored the Constitution with the goal to create an everlasting state, so a nation must ‘progress’ over time. However, liberals misdiagnose the proper definition of ‘progress.’

To progress foreword one must first accept the fundamental tenants can one progress foreword. For example, I am a Catholic and therefore follow the basic tenants of Catholicism, such as Jesus Christ is the Son of God. I couldn’t make progress as a Catholic by disregarding those teachings and instead believe that Jesus was only a prophet, or follow the teachings of Siddhartha Buddha. If I did that I would not make any progress as a Catholic. This same reasoning applies to the Constitution-  It’s unarguable that the Constitution is grounded in fundamental principles of limited government, even liberals acknowledge this fact otherwise they would never have come up with the idea of a ‘living’ Constitution in the first place. So the only way to ‘progress’ foreword is to accept the principles of limited government. Therefore, under the philosophies of both original intent and ‘living’ Constitution, the only Constitutional option is to adhere to the fundamental principles of limited government.

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