By Todd Quinones

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – They’re called “college sugar babies” – young women, some from local campuses, willing to meet men on a website, and then date them for money.

The website denies it is sex for sale, but you may be surprised by what Todd Quinones found when he went undercover.
Young women posing in sexually suggestive photos and making comments like, “Being good in bed is a plus, but I’m sure I can teach you some things.” It’s called and it’s where women can connect with older, wealthy men who they hope will pay to spend time with them.

Brandon Wade is the CEO and founder of the site.

“It’s a dating website. So it’s like you have a boyfriend who is wealthy,” Wade said.

The site claims up to 40 percent of these women are college students. Its top 20 list of universities with the most sugar babies puts Temple at number five.

“I think it’s ridiculous,”

“I think it sounds wrong and on the illegal side a little bit.”

Todd Quinones went undercover, posing as a so-called sugar daddy.

First, there was this local undergrad.

“I was looking for someone to help me pay for different things with school,” the girl said.
She says she did not want to have sex for money.

“I’ve gotten people saying, ‘Oh, well name your price for sex.’ And I’m just like, ‘That’s not what I want to do,’” she said.

But if she found a sugar daddy attractive:

“I mean not to say that I wouldn’t be willing to have sex with somebody, but not just right off the bat,” she said.

Then we met this young woman.
“I’m, you know, willing to be explicit about your physical needs,” she said. But based on her experiences with other men from the site, any talk about sex without money was a dealbreaker.

“Maybe you’ll just have me over and just try and sleep with me and I’ll never hear from you,” she said.
Later she was more direct, sending us a picture and texting:
“You can help me financially on an ‘as we see each other basis.’”

“I’m trying to think of the best euphemism for sex that I know and I’m thinking $200.”

When asked whether it would be considered prostitution, Wade said, “That is cutting it a little too close in our minds. That is really an escort.

“In this case, a sugar baby and sugar daddy is like a wealthy boyfriend with a really hot girlfriend. It’s a relationship,” he said.

Wade says that if those comments had been made on his website, the woman’s profile would have been canceled. He claims 20 to 30 escorts are kicked off the site every day.

But psychologist Judith Sills isn’t buying it.

“It’s a trading of physical favors for financial support. ‘How did I get through college. I sold my body.’ I can’t say that to myself. It doesn’t feel good,” Sills said.

Wade contends the site can be mutually beneficial for responsible adults. He claims his own sister used the site. He says no one is obligated to have sex for money.

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