By Robin Rieger

WARRINGTON TOWNSHIP, Pa. (CBS) — On his way into the Warrington police station on Thursday, John Grzyminski spoke to reporters about the explosive devices found in his mother’s Warrington home on Wednesday (see previous story).

“They’re firecrackers,” Grzyminski said.

But Warrington police and ATF agents say they are actually pipe bombs.

“I’m not a terrorist….we take ‘em up hunting,” Gryzminski said.

Grzyminski was arrested on Thursday morning when Solebury Township police spotted him driving his black truck on Route 202. Police had been searching for him since Wednesday afternoon, when his mother found a pipe bomb in the kitchen that forced the evacuation of their Warrington neighborhood. Two more bombs were found in the home.

“It’s pretty safe to assume it is a dangerous item that could cause significant damage to a person near the item. We truly believe this is an isolated incident and we’ll be conducting investigations to see what he was planning to do with the devices,” said ATF agent Sam Rahadi.

In addition to the devices the bomb squad exploded at the scene, police removed several hunting guns, a pistol and a shotgun.

“He’s described as an outdoorsman, hunter,” said Warrington Police Chief James Miller, who added that Grzyminski was licensed to carry a gun.

Police say Gryzminski’s mother had returned from Florida and called them on Wednesday morning to reinstate an eviction process against her son. She called them again when the two had words outside the home. When police arrived, Gryzminski left. His mom then called police a third time when she went inside her home and saw the device.

“I apologize to all my neighbors for what they had put up with,” said Grzyminski as he was taken from Warrington to Warminster for processing. He was then arraigned on charges of possessing or manufacturing weapons of mass destruction, risking a catastrophe, possession of instruments of crime and recklessly endangering another person.

Federal charges are also expected.

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