By Jim Donovan: Spirit Airlines has announced yet another round of fee increases related to luggage and at least one boost is a real doozy! You may recall that Spirit already charges passengers a fee to carry-on a bag, well beginning November 6, 2012, if you decide at the last minute to carry-on that bag at the airport gate you’ll have to pay $100 bucks. That’s right, one hundred dollars! Right now the airline charges a hefty fee of $45 for that priviledge.

Your best bet if you are planning on flying on Spirit with a carry-on is to pay for that bag in advance. Currently If you pre-pay while making your reservation you’ll pay in the $20-$35 range. In November those rates go up to $25-40.

In fact pretty much all of the baggage related fees will be going up in November. For the most part they’re being raised between $2 and $5 per bag.

Spirit says that this new $100 fee is aimed at keeping fliers from waiting to pay for carry-on bags at the boarding gate and delaying the boarding process.

You can check out the current and future fees at:

So plan ahead….or bring lots of extra cash!

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