A couple of years ago I was playing Brandywine Country Club when a golf ball diver surfaced just as I was walking past the pond on the 18th hole.

I hadn’t noticed his sack of balls and equipment laying by the side of the pond and when this guy came up out of the water, he scared the living daylights out of me… among other things.

I was reminded of that moment earlier this week when I heard that four men had been arrested in the middle of the night at Aronomink, after allegedly poaching thousands of golf balls out of a pond there and at White Manor Country Club.  I also thought of my friend Don Pierce, a.k.a. Dr. Mulligans, who runs a business selling recycled golf balls.

Yo Don… do you know these guys?  Turns out the answer is no.  And he gives us some insight into the process that involves legitimate divers and an industry that brings the balls back for a second chance at glory.   Click here for that podcast at TeeItUpPhilly.com…

Slicing and Dicing

Check back here tomorrow and listen for my on-air Saturday golf report.  It’s a tip for slicers.  Hookers can just go about their business (maybe I should rephrase that).  See you tomorrow.

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