By Nan Talleno

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – There are various ailments that may commonly be predisposed to affect certain breeds of dogs, but fortunately, will not affect all dogs of that breed. It’s just wise to be generally aware of these illnesses overall, but know that not every dog is at risk.

These may include respiratory problems with the brachycephalic breeds; breeds with short and pushed in muzzles, such as the Bulldog, the Pug and the Boxer. They need to stay cool in the summer and not become exhausted or overheated.

Huskies may be at risk for autoimmune skin disorders. Watch for Hip Dysplasia in many large breeds like the German Shepherd. Labrador Retrievers may be at more risk for obesity. The Dachsund may be at risk for back injuries. Tiny breeds such as the Chihuahua and the Shi Tzu may be prone to a problem with their leg joints called patellar luxation.

Larger-chested dogs such as the Great Dane and the Greyhound need to eat slower to avoid a serious illness known as bloat. Cocker Spaniels may be prone to ear infections, the Golden Retriever to skin allergies, the Doberman to heart disease, the Rottweiler to joint problems and the Pug, the Boston Terrier and the Poodle to eye problems and glaucoma.

Keep an eye out for any changes in your dog’s health. But overall, keep your dogs healthy with daily walks, a nutritious and healthy diet and plenty of exercise as well as periodic check-ups with your vet.

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