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By Phran Novelli

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Trees that flower in spring are hard to resist, and luckily, lots of nice little native trees are among them. Native trees are used to our weather and soil, so they’re easier for you to grow. And trees with multi-season interest are extra fun, because the show goes on after the flowers finish. So, why not plant a crabapple tree – or three?

First, in spring crabapple flower buds cover the tree like tiny balloons with colors from deep red to dark pink or purple, then they often change as the flowers open to pastel pinks or a showy, snowy white. Next, the pretty green leaves cover the tree all summer giving butterflies a place to lay their babies.

By fall, the dangling crabapples are decoration enough to delight you into winter – and crabapples are great for making jelly. Or you can just sit back and let your feathered friends feed as your crabapples welcome birds and other critters to feast in your yard.

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