By Special Contributor Larry Kane

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – It’s crunch time. The Pennsylvania primary is 15 days away.

Sam Rohrer comes into this race as a state representative for 18 years and is well known because of his statewide runs. He indicates he is opposed to taxing natural gas drillers in Pennsylvania.

“I have favored the opening up for drilling for natural gas and oil in Pennsylvania with the fracking method. It’s safe, it can be done safely. But it represents our biggest opportunity for economic growth. Lowering our cost of energy, heating, our lights, our homes and it’s all beneath our feet.”

Charlie Gerrow is a Republican strategist, who helped Ronald Reagan win Pennsylvania. He’ll support the GOP nominee but has some advice for the Romney Campaign and the candidate’s challenges on the stump.

“He has had a tough time just being natural. So many folks don’t want to see tightly packaged, perfectly designed uptight candidates. They want to see the real thing and I think the more that Governor Romney’s in his own skin makes his message organic and really his own the better off he’s going to be.”

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