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House Sends Corbett Bill To Block Real ID In Pennsylvania

By Tony Romeo

HARRISBURG, Pa (CBS) — The ball is in the governor’s court now that the House has sent him a bill that would have Pennsylvania opt out of the federal “Real ID” Act.

Critics, including both conservative Republicans and the ACLU, say the Real ID Act is a “defacto national ID” that imposes burdensome mandates on states.

But during House debate on the bill that would have Pennsylvania join the list of states rejecting Real ID, Delaware County Democrat Greg Vitali said he was concerned that the 9-11 hijackers were carrying multiple phony driver’s licenses.

“And I’m just concerned with regard to the message that we send by backing away from more secure IDs,” said Vitali.

But fellow Democrat Babette Josephs of Philadelphia supports the opt-out bill.

“What the feds wanted to do in this case was a massive invasion of privacy for the citizens,” Josephs said.

Meanwhile, a spokesman for Governor Corbett, who now has the bill on his desk, says the governor as yet has no position on the measure.

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One Comment

  1. charles widmore says:

    Maybe you will change your mind when they force you to submit to a microchip implant to match your micro-brain

  2. PhillyRN says:

    Oppose the opt-out Bill and let’s join Real ID. One 9/11 is enough. How many do we need?

  3. PhillyRN says:

    Support Real ID. It makes sense and does not invade privacy. I’m in Babette Joseph’s district, and I disagree with her. She’s against every measure that improves security because she read a book in high school about government intrusion. I’m sure terrorists rely on intellectuals like Babette.

    I’d rather be safe and secure.

    1. Bob H says:

      Those who would trade personal liberty for temporary security deserve neither.

      Ben Franklin

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