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5:45 Kentucky defeated Kansas last night to win the NCAA Tournament.

anthony davis Stigall Show Log 4.3.12

Kentucky Defeats Kansas (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)

5:47 President Obama said the Supreme Court should not engage in judicial activism when determining the outcome of the Affordable Care Act case.

6:17 Police chased a drunk driver down the Atlantic City Boardwalk.

6:42 Clark Kellogg interviewed President Obama last night during half-time of the Kentucky/Kansas game.

6:45 Republicans are not losing women in the war on contraception.

6:59 A King of Prussia firm has filed bankruptcy in the aftermath of the pink slime controversy.

7:26 Sarah Palin in co-hosting the Today Show this morning.

7:40 Chris talks to Dan Gross, Daily News Columnist and Newspaper Guild President, about the sale of the Inquirer and Daily News.

8:10 Chris talks to John Holub, President of the New Jersey Retail Merchants Association about Mastercard pulling gift cards from the state.

8:40 Chris talks to Editor of the Daily News, Larry Platt to discuss the sale of the Philadelphia Media Network.

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