2 Police Officers, K-9 Injured In Atlantic City Club Owned By Jay-Z

ATLANTIC CITY, N.J. (AP) – Three men face numerous charges after a brawl at an Atlantic City club left two police officers and a police dog injured.

Authorities say the brawl started around 4:15 a.m. Sunday after a 40/40 Club patron refused a security screening and then assaulted a security officer. Police Officer Michael Francisco, who was working at the club while off-duty, tried to help subdue the man, but the patron sprayed him with a chemical substance.

Several fights then broke out near the club as other police officers arrived.

Two men soon started fighting with Officer Brent Dooley, who was hit in the head by a liquor bottle. One of the men also choked a police dog who tried to subdue him.

Both officers and the police dog are expected to fully recover.

The 40/40 club is owned by hip-hop mogul Jay-Z.

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  1. shoreboater says:

    A/C will never change until it gets rid of the trash.

  2. Zzbar says:

    All of this crazy violence will stop in A.C. when the new Revel Resort Casino opens.

  3. Hater says:

    I heard there were numerous bags of skittles and cans of iced tea strewn about along with a handful of torn hoodies. obama was overheard on an open mike stating that none of these guys looked like him.

  4. Wise One says:

    The latest from the Atlantic City Press re the brawl: Officer Dooley who was held in a bear hug from behind, then slammed in the back of the head with a whiskey bottle, received a severe laceeration of the scalp, requiring six staples. The officer will be out of work of an undetermined period.

    These brazen, dangerous, murderous black thugs have no respect for anyone, and because of their mindlessness, complete lack of self-control and without even a fundamental grasp of basic logic,. have no concept of future consquences of their violent acts. They see U.S. prisons as a right-of-passage and temporary rest homes where they can pal with their ilk while enjoying nights of endless love (at taxpayer expense, of course).

  5. Wise One says:

    Wild story. Eight black thugs arrested. Two officers Dooley and Francsico were injured and a police dog choked.

    Tony L. Wilson got the ball rolling by spraying off-duty officer and club security guard Francisco in the mouth with pepper spray.

    A total of three (3) “Wilsons” were involved. Tony M. Wilson grabbed officer Dooley from behind, while, Tyree Wilson slammed the officer on the back of the head with a liquor bottle.

    This is how they take down city after city – even a storied resort town like A.C. is no match for these ghetto thugs. The few remaining A.C. nonblack residents now refer to A.C. as “Camden East.”

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