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Philadelphia City Council Adopts Resolution In Support Of Trayvon Martin’s Family

By Steve Tawa

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – During Philadelphia City Council’s weekly session, its members weighed in on the town watch shooting in Sanford, Florida and adopted a resolution to support Trayvon Martin’s family.

“Dr. King said it best: injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.”

Councilwoman Blondell Reynolds Brown is calling for justice in the shooting death of the unarmed black teenager.

“All parents have conversations about the birds and the bees. But parents of African American boys have to have another conversation about what I term ‘existing while black.’”

She says it means even a walk home from a neighborhood store could take sudden, dramatic turns.

“Everywhere they go, they’re faced with hidden landmines that can go off at an unexpected place and unexpected time.”

Reynolds Brown’s resolution called on the Chief Clerk to forward a certified copy to the victim’s parents.

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One Comment

  1. mcr2012 says:

    Philadelphia’s City Council should spend more time looking into its own problems and let Fla handle its own. Over 92 murders in Phila thus far in 2012????

  2. Sumdumshmuck says:

    It’s always about the PAST The PAST The PAST.. The Only Slave I have ever Known is Myself. Every time I get my Pay Check and look whats being STOLEN out of my check every week to support The trash that walks around with thier EBT cards buying Pork Rinds and Grape soda.

  3. Postman Pat says:

    You know when Zimmerman is found to be innocent of any crime, there are gonna be a lot of people looking pretty stupid rushing to judgement to now include the Philadelphia City Council with the ranks of terrorists like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton.

    1. grumpy says:

      Kind of like the Tawana Brawley incident. Eggs on faces.
      Doesn’t this council have enough problems in THIS city to deal with, like CRIME?

  4. whatsup says:

    now we are hearing about the news stations that reported the 9ll call they left out important info, like Mr. Zimmerman never identified the suspect as black ONLY after the dispatcher asked for the description. Also the photos showing him arriving at the police station, the police are clearly looking at the wound in the back of his head, but the piece that was shown deleted that.

    1. Hater says:

      Thank God the truth is finally coming out. Maybe Mr. Zimmerman can finally move on with his life. The hooded sheep are starting to disperse.

  5. themommypsychologist says:

    One of the things that is important to remember in all of this is how hard young people have worked to bring Trayvon to justice. They have used all types of social media to get their voices heard and it is working! Check out the young people’s contribution to bring justice to this case:

    1. Taurak1 says:

      Some people cannot fathom the response to this injustice nor what others have sacrifice to see that justice does prevail. You keep doing what you are doing despite the negative comments from the in denial sheeple who reside in America

    2. Laura says:

      How about teaching them about due process. You and your kind of libs have all but lynched Mr. Zimmerman. Remember the Duke Rape case – or doesn’t that suit your purpose?

  6. Hater says:

    Hey Moderator. When you rearrange the posts, they tend to be taken out of context. Just sayn…………yo

  7. Karen says:

    Give me a break!!!! We ahve kids in THIS city who are being beaten, raped or murdered WHERE IS THE SUPPORT FOR THESE FAMILIES??? Council get a life Charity Begins At Home!

  8. Whatsup says:

    I would luv for that kooky Congresswoman from Florida, the one that wore that bizarro cowboy hat, to come to the inner city and walk down the streets, she would change her tune real fast. But these hipocrite liberals that don’t have to live where we do, and get their S.S. protection, talk is cheap!!

  9. philygirl says:

    Where was the rage and outcry when 3 black youths poured gasoline on a white boy and set him on fire? Where was Jesse Jackson & Al Sharpton when that happened?

    1. Wise One says:

      Go to Google and see how they brutally murdered beautiful 22-year-old UNC student-body president Eve Carson who asked the fiends to pray with her.

      Ditto beautiful Arkansas anchorwoman Anne Pressly.

      Better have a strong stomach!

      1. Taurak1 says:

        Funny how you can always over look what your people have done, like giving small pox laced blankets to the indigenous Americans (Germ Warfare). Maybe before you start pointing fingers is blame, you should look and the white man in the mirror for crimes far more brutal and heinous!!!

  10. Hater says:

    I can’t wait until George Zimmerman is cleared and sues everyone possible for destroying his life. He deserves a medal, a key to the city, a fresh case of 9mm ammo, and a parade. Oh yeah, and Al, Jesse, obama, Nutter, City Council and the rest of the hoodie wearing aholes need to line up and kiss his azz.……….yo!

  11. Francis Graff says:

    Why didn’t City Officials act this way when back in the seventies two black males stabbed two white brothers at 25th. and Parrish. Their parents were never the same. And this was in Phila. I just think the press and elected officials are exploiting this incident way and above it’s due. It will keep getting worse, and all the facts aren’t in yet. No jury anywhere is going to decide this case justly. The press already did that. I am sick and tired of what this town is becoming.

  12. Mr.Sauer says:

    How about Council worry about the murders and extensive crime in Philadelphia.
    Sorry but if you read the facts, the FACTS, you will see Trayvon escalated the situation by resorting to violence and attacking Zimmerman.

  13. Joseph Di Nardi says:

    Where is the city council resolution when a Policeman or any other person who is not black is killed? Seems to Reynolds and other blacks that it is only appropriate when a black person is the victim, rather than anyone else. If this idiot of a council person really cared about people in general, she would stop using the race card and start addressing the gigantic black crime problem we have here in this ghetto of a rotting city. The Philadelphia City Council is nothing but a disgraceful bunch of loathful morons!

  14. T. Pain says:

    Its tragic that a young man died and his parents should be supported, but the do nothing, over paid, under worked Philadelphia City Council should spend its time focusing on problems in the city instead of trying to grab some media attention for a case that’s still being investigated. The media has tried so hard to make this a racial incident (and done a good job). Even calling Zimmerman a “White Latino”, when have you ever heard that? But it had nothing to do with race. All this talk is just dividing this country more and more.
    Councilwoman Blondell Reynolds Brown, you should add to your to “existing while black” speech that since statistically African American boys are committing most of the violent crime in this county they themselves are their (and all other races) biggest “landmine”. Maybe the black community needs to look inward for change instead of blaming everyone else for their problems.

  15. DeeDee B says:

    Wow. Kiladelphia is known for its violence. How about giving the same dress down speech that Mayor Nutter gave to the Greater Philadelphia Area after all of those destructive Flash Mobs last summer?

  16. Taurak1 says:

    It is ignorant racist people who are the problem, since when is it a crime for a teenager of any color much less Black to go to a convenience store at 7:00pm??? You and people like you need to take a long look at your own record of racism and murder, with the illegal invasion of Iraq being one of them.

    How about researching your own past misgivings such as the Tulsa Oklahoma massacre in which white people rampaged over an alleged indescrection involving a Black shoe shine boy going to work and a white woman who enter the elevator after he did. The racist bigots rampage murdered over 400 Black men, women and children.

    While you’re at it look up the Mississippi church bombing that took the lives of four young Black girls done by cowardly racist white men and condoned white people just like you.

    Try researching the lynching of approximately 10,000 Black men women and children during the Jim Crow era, before you want to paint African Americans as ruthless killers.

    Now as for your misconception of Trayvon Martin, maybe reading comprehension is in order. The school incident said tracing of residue in a baggie as well as what white teenager hasn’t done a prank in school. You seem to forget about Columbine High school in Colorado, but this is nothing new since denial runs deep in your sub-species.

    Now why haven’t you harped on George Zimmerman violent past, such as assault on a police officer and domestic violence as well as the reason he was terminated from a job he once held???

    And just what does O.J. Simpson have to do with this, he was acquitted of the offense to which he was charged largely due to the lies of that lying racist Mark Furhman. Get over yourself and your blatant hypocrisy.

    Enough Said

    1. Hater says:

      Hey Taurak, Here’s your sub species: Notice a pattern here?

    2. Laura says:

      I pity you – you are so angry. I hope you kind peace.

  17. Paul says:

    Here we go again,this never went to court so we don’t know what happened,I am tired of hearing the “race” card being played.White teenagers have a much larger chance of being attacked at 9th and york then a black one at Tomilsion rd and Buslenton ave,so lets get real council and get some things fixed here in OUR own city

  18. Chris G says:

    How about working on the crime in Philadelphia? How about waiting for the facts to come out on this case

  19. acoustic622 says:

    This is so silly. In Philadelphia it is the Teenagers who are running around with guns after dark. When people in the city are afraid to take the garbage out to the curb after dark, or walk home from the bus stop after dark because of all the juvenile delinquents wandering around the city of Philadelphia after dark. It is nice to have teen curfews that are actually enforced in Center City, but when are those curfews going to be enforced in the neighborhoods? The Mayfair neighborhood has had equal opportunity victims of car vandalism. Car tires have been slashed on autos owned by white, black, and Hispanic people. When a man gets shot and killed in Philadelphia over dog mess, things are completely out of control.

    Trayvon Martin’s parents should shoulder a great deal of blame in the death of this child. If Trayvon’s parents had been doing there job, this child would not have been wandering the streets like a hoodlum. Trayvon Martin was a juvenile delinquent. He was suspended from school because of drugs and vandalism. This was not a Spring Break situation; he should not have been wandering around the neighborhood with fancy ice tea and candy in his pocket; Trayvon should have been grounded in his room with bread and water to drink. When you are suspended from school you lose phone privileges, you do not chat up girls on your cell phone.

    Just the drugs on school campus alone should have had Trayvon arrested. Were the police even called when drugs were found on Trayvon on campus property? Why was he not arrested for drugs? Children should not be subjected to anyone bringing drugs onto school campuses. Trayvon should have been expelled and sent to juvenile hall for having drugs on campus.

    After Congresswoman Gabby Giffords was shot in the head a little more than a year ago, many people talked about the need to carry a gun, and having more carrying permits in this country. Congresswoman Giffords was shot in broad daylight on a Saturday afternoon in front of a grocery store (not to mention the Federal Judge, nine year old child, and others shot and or killed that day). When people can not feel safe going to the grocery store on a Saturday afternoon, that really says something about the state of our country.

    This situation in Florida is more comparable to a woman who was raped, and her rapist wants the woman arrested; he is upset because she gouged out his eyes while he was raping her. The guy out there raping women does not get to complain because he was injured while committing a violent crime.

    What happens if the Trayvon Martin case ends just like the O.J. Simpson trial? O.J. assassinated a white woman in California, and was found “not guilty” in the murder trial. Of course, the African-American community cheered when O.J. was not sent to prison for his crime of First Degree Murder. O.J. slashed the throats of a white woman and white man, and yet the African-American community did not protest his “not guilty” verdict. Where was the Philadelphia City Council when a White Woman was assassinated by a Black man, and no justice was ever found in that case.

    “Dr. King said it best: injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” I think Philadelphia City Council should spend more time worried about injustice here in our city, and waste less time on nonsense that has nothing to do with them. We need justice and arrests of criminals in Philadelphia. A public school system with financial problems (this is about our children and the future of the city), and a Mayor Nutter who wants to prevent homeless people from being handed a sandwich on the Parkway (I suppose if we starve all the homeless to death that is certainly one way to cure our city of a homeless problem).

Comments are closed.

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