We’re going to keep our eyes on local green fee deals for you this season, but from time to time we’ll pass along one on equipment and that’s the case today:  how about a backup driver for virtually nothing?

Here’s the deal:  a major online retailer is selling preowned Callaway FT-9 i-MIX Drivers for $49.99 to $59.99… but giving you a $30 or $40 gift card with your purchase.   That nets your purchase down to $19.99… and there’s a code for free shipping… AND you get a free magazine subscription with your purchase.   Here’s the really sweet part:  you can elect to receive a $24.95 cash refund instead of the magazine.

Now when you do the math, they’re essentially paying you nearly $5 to take the driver. 

The deal is legit — mine arrived last week and I have the gift card. 

Here’s the link with step by step ordering instructions.

Your choice of specs on these drivers is somewhat limited… but even if it doesn’t fit, at this price it is a great trade-in piece for something that does work for you.  And we all know that just having a backup driver in the trunk makes your gamer behave a little better.

Every Wednesday this season I plan to profile a place to play.  We’ll begin tomorrow with what’s new at Broad Run Golfer’s Club in West Chester, PA.  See you tomorrow.

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