Despite my best efforts to play golf instead of doing some actual work, the nice weather and the calendar have forced me to get this blog up and running again.

Hope you have enjoyed the warm winter as much as I have.  All those golf courses which have struggled through the last few years have also gotten a nice bonus from all the offseason play, so lets hope that continues with warm, sunny weekends right through the golf season.   A resurgent Tiger Woods wouldn’t be bad for the game either, so yesterday’s victory at Bay Hill is another positive sign for the golf insustry.

But while you might have a casual interest in the overall health of the game, it is YOUR game that really matters to you.  So that will, of course, be the prime focus of this blog and my KYW Newsradio on-air Golf Reports on Fridays and Saturdays.   Every Wednesday in this golf blog, I’ll profile another place to play — public and private.    We’ll get plenty of swing tips, and I’ll sprinkle in some equipment features, other golf news from around the region,  and of course what’s near and dear to my heart — deals.

In fact, check back here tomorrow and I’ll pass along a blockbuster deal on a Callaway driver (as in virtually free).

But today… how about a free round of golf in exchange for a pint of blood?  Ballamor and the American Red Cross are havaing a Blood Drive on Monday, April 23, from 10a to 4p at the course in Egg Harbor Township, NJ.

All donors receive a complimentary greens fee certificate for a twilight round of golf…along with the knowledge your pint helped save three lives.

This is always a popular event, so be aware that you must make an appointment to give blood that day.   You can set up your slot by calling Ballamor at 609-601-6220.

Ed Abrams anchors mornings on KYW Newsradio, and you can hear his Golf Reports there on Fridays and Saturdays. He has also created, with video course tours, audio swing tips and local golf deals


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