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Teen Fatally Shot In Northeast Philadelphia

By Steve Beck, Al Novack

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Police are investigating the shooting death of a teenager in Northeast Philadelphia late Sunday night.

The incident happened shortly after 11 p.m. in the 5800 block of Frankford Avenue in the city’s Wissinoming section.

According to investigators, an 18-year-old male was shot in the head and the left arm. He was rushed to Aria Health’s Torresdale Hospital, but was pronounced dead at about 12:30 a.m.

Authorities say it was not immediately clear if the victim was shot at the location where he was found or somewhere else.

So far, no arrests have been made and a motive in the deadly shooting remains under investigation.

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  • noname

    it’s all so sad

  • Vom Brunhaus

    zimmerman had a broken nose , cracked head and dirt and grass on back of his shirt. Did he get all this Before he fired his weapon or after he shot his attacker. You decide.

    • noname

      for real? i never saw any of that information in the news. now today’s daily news headlines is all about ruining the “victim’s” good name. if what you say is true what about Zimmerman. I would think the papers spread this slander because i never saw one word about the broken nose, cracked head and signs of a scuffle on his clothing.

  • Listerfiend87

    My condolences go out this young man’s family. All of you people asking where the outrage is for all of these recent murders need to realize that the difference between all of these murders in Philadelphia and the murder of Trayvon Martin is that police know who murdered Trayvon Martin. The outrage is over the fact that he is yet to be charged with a crime. If the police knew who murdered these people, they’d be charged in the crime.

    • Layton

      I have to disagree with you. This happens in philadelphia a lot and no one protests or dons hoodies in a street march. These people only get riled up with mob mentality. How ridiculous to protest a crime in florida and never do a thing at home. The people who marched on love park should be ashamed

  • ChefMofo

    Hoodies do not mean a thing. In that part of Frankford av, life is cheap. That area is a human cesspool

  • Alan

    We come on where are all the hoodies? Where’s the march? Another young teen is killed and this time in our area. Where is the outrage? Come on people, protest, wear your hoodies.

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