Cops: Delco Father Left Three Kids Alone To Go Out Drinking

By Brad Segall

DREXEL HILL, Pa. (CBS) — A father of three from Upper Darby Township is free on bail, facing felony child endangerment charges, after police say he left his three toddlers home alone Friday night while he went out to drink.

Police say they were called to a house in the 100 block of Bridge Street in the Drexel Hill section of the township after a woman found a four-year-old girl wandering the street around midnight. The girl told the woman where she lived, and there the woman found two other kids, ages three and two, in bed alone.

Upper Darby Police Superintendent Michael Chitwood says Jay Unger, 29, was arrested after a night of drinking.

“These poor kids … I mean, they don’t have a chance,” Chitwood told KYW NewsradioMonday. “They don’t have a chance in the world to survive when they are in this type of environment. Here’s a bum who has no care or concern about three little kids.”

Chitwood says the children’s mother is behind bars for allegedly selling drugs to undercover cops. The kids are now with their grandmother.

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One Comment

  1. mmsogo says:

    this is crazy haow can someone do that to children. i cant have any kids and seeing this just breaks my heart that people that can dont even know how to propley take care of thier children UGH im sick to my stomach

  2. tom says:

    and this is why we have birth control . those people of the church who want to elect rick santorum want to end birth control . this is why birth control should be free for all people . some people don’t want kids . what do you think cost more money free birth control or two people in jail and three kids on welfare and food stamps ??????????????

    1. Robin says:

      Uh, having nothing to do with this story which is disgustijng, But, Rick Santorum (who is not my cup of tea either), doesn’t want to “end birth control”. That’s the silliest politicalization I’ve seen yet. He is not trying to make birth control illegal. He just doesn’t want to force religious organizations to pay for it if they don’t believe in it. And, by the way, it’s not “the Church”. It’s primarily (although maybe not completely), the Catholic Church that doesn’t believe in birth control. Prodistant dominiations mostly have no belief against it. But, if the Catholic’s don’t believe in it, they should not have to flip the bill. You can get condoms at CVS for a few dollars.

      1. soccerdad says:


      2. soccerdad says:

        (meaning well said!)

    2. Yes says:

      So true “tom” so true…..and Boom back at you “soccerdad”

  3. kathy says:

    I don’t understand how is it that people who want to have children and would be good parents can’t and then you have bums like this mother and father of these little kids who shouldn’t produce like rabbits. Please somebody explain this to me.

  4. Just Me says:

    It’s sad to say, but, just because you CAN reproduce, doesn’t mean you SHOULD reproduce. I’m so glad the police were alerted and that the children are hopefully in a safe and better environment. God, watch over these little angels. They don’t deserve this. They didn’t ask to come here. In Jesus’ name, Amen!!

    1. Prayer girl says:

      I stand in Prayer with Just Me:-) for those little babies.

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