By Special Contributor Larry Kane

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – The former Pennsylvania Senator Arlen Specter has taken aim at the people he calls the “Cannibal” – damaging American government.

Always direct, and candid, Specter has a message with no apologies in his book, “Life Among the Cannibals”. He has a special edge at the extreme right wing of the Republican Party especially South Carolina Senator Jim DeMint, who tries to defeat fellow Republican Lisa Murkowski in Alaska. She won by write in and Specter says it’s a great example of people taking back the system.

“You can arouse the voters. There is a way to communicate with the voters in America to get their dander up to get them to come out and eve write in a name like Murkowski to defeat the cannibals once they know what the battle is about”.
Specter is upset with the lack of moderates in the Senate, and how far to the right the GOP Presidential candidates have moved.

“What has happened in the American political process is that the extremes have taken over. An outstanding Senator like Joe Lieberman can’t win a Democratic primary. He turns Independent leaving because he has no party. Arlen Specter couldn’t win a Republican primary. Romney, Santorum and all the rest of them on the Republican side are racing to the right”.

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