Analysis: Arlen Specter On The Demise Of Government

By Special Contributor Larry Kane

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – The former Pennsylvania Senator Arlen Specter has taken aim at the people he calls the “Cannibal” – damaging American government.

Always direct, and candid, Specter has a message with no apologies in his book, “Life Among the Cannibals”. He has a special edge at the extreme right wing of the Republican Party especially South Carolina Senator Jim DeMint, who tries to defeat fellow Republican Lisa Murkowski in Alaska. She won by write in and Specter says it’s a great example of people taking back the system.

“You can arouse the voters. There is a way to communicate with the voters in America to get their dander up to get them to come out and eve write in a name like Murkowski to defeat the cannibals once they know what the battle is about”.
Specter is upset with the lack of moderates in the Senate, and how far to the right the GOP Presidential candidates have moved.

“What has happened in the American political process is that the extremes have taken over. An outstanding Senator like Joe Lieberman can’t win a Democratic primary. He turns Independent leaving because he has no party. Arlen Specter couldn’t win a Republican primary. Romney, Santorum and all the rest of them on the Republican side are racing to the right”.

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  1. Oluwaseun says:

    yeh i get your point man but i am not dogmatic about it- i am not fanadmentully attached to anyone perspective or paradigm in the belief that it is that which can explain all the key to a grand theory or explanation that accounts for all that happens; i don’t believe such a thing exists. you know, i like to listen to max and stacy because i value their brains but i also like to listen to TG speak on charlie rose, you know. i believe that in the best’ most noble’ areas of society there is evil just as i believe that in the most evil’ and disgraceful’ areas of society there is good’; and i believe that all actions by all humans are driven by self-interest (whether that be stealing from someone or a doctor who flies to africa to work on poor dieing patients for free in order to alleviate their pain)- there is one network of people on earth at any given time; in that exists thing which some consider good’ and some consider bad’. i dont buy the good/evil black white dichotomy where everything fits into boxes or teams so to speak; the whole thing is too nuanced for that obviously. like i try to appreciate most perspectives but i am conscious of the fact that many people -00 it seems to get unhealthily obsessed with one perspective; wherther you consider those people good’ (wall street or conspiracy theorists) or bad’ (wall street or conspiracy theorists)..get me? blahhhhhhhhhhh

  2. Said says:

    house prices here in trsaualia are just beginning to fall despite governments attempt to re- inflate the bubble with first home loan grants or bribe. most people here continue to live in the bubble but you sense growing sense of quiet desperation. [$US400,000 or there abouts will buy you an average home in worst of the western suburbs of a major city like melbourne or sydney. [ on the shiller index this is extreme and one of the highest in western world, 9 x average wage as opposed to 2.5 x average wage long term average etc ] here in trsaualia we are constantly bombarded with propaganda about how its’ different here’ because of shortage of land [ironic given size of trsaualia ?] also immigration etc , the best ,.. our banks are conservative ! of course the so called shortage’ of housing is just an illusion created by idiots flipping houses and the so called housing shortage’ is soon be just a glut !’. just like everywhere else ,most of the money of housing has gone into flipping already existing dwellings not building new housing. if it’s true that all bubbles end below where they start [nasdaq still in process of bottoming even after almost 10 years,thanks bernie ! you’re a champ !] i expect housing prices here in trsaualia to eventually fall back to early 1980s levels or worse,study of graphs price history [japan ,australia, holland, america,]suggests that once housing prices fall most people will never see a return on their so property investment’ in the natural course of their lifetime at least in real terms likely longer, inflation adjusted , [i have read but have to confirm from a reliable source that banks in trsaualia have 2 trillion dollars in deposits BUT have 16 Trillion dollars in liabilities ? [these figures seem way too high or greatly exaggerated but i shall try and confirm these figures ] if these figures are anywhere near correct ?, then perhaps it’s absolutely no different here after all ?.which is what we always suspected but were never told.

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