Nutter: DHS Did Not Have Open Case On Deceased 6-Year-Old Khalil Wime

By Steve Tawa

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – City officials say the Department of Human Services did not have an ‘open case’ with the six-year-old boy who died this week, allegedly at the hands of his parents in their Point Breeze neighborhood. Relatives of the young victim say the Family Court system should never have returned Khalil Wimes to their care.

While various media reports have included relatives questioning why DHS didn’t intervene and come to six-year-old Khalil Wime’s aid, given the family’s history, Mayor Nutter was careful to chose his response.

READ: Police: 6-Year-Old Died Of Malnutrition, Abuse; Parents In Custody

“The two children who lived in the home, one of whom was Khalil, had no matters involving the Department of Human Services at all. None. Next question.”

The medical examiner ruled the cause of death was blunt force trauma and malnutrition. Khalil’s parents, 49-year-old Floyd Wimes and 44-year-old Tina Wimes, face murder charges.

“You know who let those kids down are the parents.”

Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey says, “Parents are supposed to protect their children, not beat them up and starve them to death.”

Ramsey says government can’t raise every child in Philadelphia, “that’s where the fault lies. That’s where the blame lies. Nowhere else.”

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One Comment

  1. noname says:

    btw..that’s a painful looking picture of victim. looks like he just took a kick in the back. probably did …..moms way of making him “smile” for the camera?

  2. noname says:

    in order to have a “open” case, people have to report abuse. in order to report abuse you have to see it. parents took care of that. didn’t the neighbors say they didn’t even know a little boy lived there. it’s sad. and i’m not blaming any dhs worker. there a whole lot of holes in the system here, starting with the courts that give kids back to abusive parents and never have follow up in place to at least check up on the condition of the child every few months until there’s solid proof the previously proven abusive parents are taking decent care of the child. where’s the out cry about this? where’s the million march. here’s where change needs to be made and can be made. if people cared to damand a better tracking system be put in place on known abusers.

  3. dee says:

    Now the relatives say that he should never have been returned to his family!!?? Good Looking out! Where were these caring relatives before he died? They ca!n pat themselves on the backs for worrying about when it really mattered – when there are cameras on them and any possibility, however remote, of getting money for themselves. These caring and outraged relatives are just as culpable as the POS “parents”. Haven’t seen anything about the other children hope they are OK but wonder if any of them were capable of telling someone what was going on

  4. Kelli Potter says:

    Mayor Nutter. Your city is in an unfortunate and fatal cycle . Reunification of birth families is an admirable goal but, at what cost to the child? How many times do we have to hear stories like this? It’s time to take stock and STOP the cycle. STOP the abuse . STOP the neglect. These children deserve a chance to dream, to live. Returning them to such an environment is a crime against humanity.

  5. Are you kidding me says:

    Really?? Really?? Really?? Are you kidding me???

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