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Bus Driver Safety On Public Transit Draws More Attention After Attack On SEPTA Bus Driver

By Kim Glovas

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Bus driver safety on public transit is drawing more attention after Saturday’s attack of a SEPTA bus driver by three teenaged boys. There are efforts already underway to protect drivers.

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A Pennsylvania Senate bill introduced last fall would include bus drivers with police and firefighters in a protected class. The bill would upgrade assaults against them immediately to aggravated assault, which is a felony.

This SEPTA bus driver says she isn’t afraid of most passengers, but she says passengers on the 52 bus are not the usual riders.

“I don’t know, maybe just having a bad day,” she said. “I have no idea, but it’s just a different atmosphere, I can’t necessarily pinpoint why or what, but I just know that I don’t feel comfortable over there sometimes.”

New Jersey Transit installed shields on 65 buses last fall in a pilot program, after assaults on two separate drivers on the Route 400 bus between Philadelphia and Sicklerville. The shield separates the driver and passengers.

TWU Local 234 in Philadelphia is looking at bus driver security but could not be reached for comment.

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One Comment

  1. Retired Operator says:

    maybe if septa and gm joe casey would enforce the rules better this would stop .As a retired operator i speak from experience.Septa and the senate should get up off there ass and finally do something the unions have been asking about this for about the last 5 years

    1. Just Me says:

      I agree. People do whatever they want to do on SEPTA. I was on the bus about a month ago and 2 young ladies got on and sat right across from the driver in those side seats. They took a container of food out of the bag, pulled out forks, and started eating chicken wings and fries like they were sitting at a dining table. The bus driver looked at them in the mirror and never said a word to them. After 5 blocks, I arrived at my stop and they were still sitting there eating out of the open container. Another problem is the people who talk on their cell phones as if they are at home. And the ones who have the phone conversations on speaker phone. As well as the people who play their music without the headsets/ear buds.

  2. Francis Graff says:

    Some time ago, I asked Septa to hire us gun totting seniors to ride the buses and protect it’s clientele. Now I make the same offer for their employee’s safety and my fee is going up.

    1. TiredOfItAll says:

      I have 3 guns. Surely I can put 1 of them to good use riding shotgun on SEPTA helping to protect the employees. I’ve been known to shoot through doors too.

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