Former Philadelphia Police Officer Acquitted Of Sexual Assault

By Tony Hanson

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — There’s a mixed verdict, but a Philadelphia jury has acquitted a former city police officer of sexually assaulting a woman inside his patrol car while he was on duty last summer.

Twenty-eight-year-old Keith Corley admitted to a sexual encounter inside his patrol car, but he told the jury it was consensual.

“I admitted to everything the victim claimed happened, except the conversation as far as who propositioned who,” Corley says.

And there was no forced used?


But the victim, who fled the courtroom sobbing and inconsolable after the verdict, said he sexually assaulted her in a Cobbs Creek park after offering her ride when she missed her bus.

The jury convicted Corley of indecent exposure and official oppression, essentially misusing his position as a police officer.

A prosecutor says Corley faces a possible maximum sentence of 3 to 6 years in prison, but the defense attorney says the guidelines will be much lower.

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  • E la in e B o oze

    No more AA n ee qqars should be hired. The jury was n ee qq ar-rigged.

  • troycustominc productions

    just because he said it was not rape does not mean it wasn’t some men do not no the the meaning of the word NO and why would he have sex while he was on duty…………. you mean to tell me he could not wait til later after his shift was over………………………………….QUILTY QUILTY QUILTY he was only thinking with his LITTLE HEAD INSTEAD OF HIS BIG HEAD(BETWEEN HIS EARS)……QUILTY……………………………

  • Carolyn

    In my opinion, Corley was on duty, all the while, he sought out someone to have his way with…GUILTY

  • Zzbar

    He said, she said. But if you are going to serve time in the slammer. (Guilty).

  • CAPS

    GUILTY enough said

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