By Bob Nelson

By Bob Nelson

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Brace yourself!  You are about to be treated to “Cyrano,” the Arden Theatre’s makeover of the memorable French drama by Edmond Rostand that’s been inspiring audiences for generations.

“Cyrano” is the epic tale of a man who feels no woman would ever marry him because of his outlandish nose.

While “Cyrano” has been loved for generations and has been listed as one of the most produced dramas ever, the current production uses a translation by Michael Hollinger, directed by Aron Posner.

It’s a classic work in both wordplay and swordplay, developed by two creators long established at The Arden.

The original cast has been trimmed to a workable nine members, making the current production accessible to a contemporary audience.

Both Hollinger and Posner have delivered impressive productions before, and the current “Cyrano” is clearly a winner in both a physical and verbal sense.

“Cyrano” is playing at the Arden Theatre, 40 North Second Street in Old City Philadelphia, through April 15th.

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