By Chelsea Karnash

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Julie Chen and Aisha Tyler of CBS’ “The Talk” stopped by the CBS Philadelphia studios on Tuesday to do just that—talk.

The co-hosts sat down to lunch and dished on everything from the show and their multiple projects to their upbringings and juggling their busy schedules. In between bites, they also answered several questions posted by fans to the CBSPhilly Facebook page.

Since March is Women’s History Month, Nichole Sweere wanted to know what woman was most influential in the ladies’ own lives.

Chen was quick to answer her mother, who she says encouraged her to go into broadcasting after seeing women like Kaity Tong and Connie Chung on television.

In the typical funny-girl fashion she’s known for, Tyler started her answer with: “If I don’t say my mother now, I sound like some sort of faithless heathen!”

But, she continued more seriously, while her mother is her emotional anchor, she credits her father with teaching her to “suck it up,” work hard and become self-sufficient.

“He’s the ‘woman’ who’s been most influential!” Tyler said, to laughs from around the table.

aishatyler Julie Chen And Aisha Tyler Of The Talk Answer Questions From CBSPhilly Fans

CBS3's Susan Barnett with Julie Chen and Aisha Tyler of "The Talk." (Credit: Lauren Sullivan, CBSPhilly)

How do the co-hosts manage to juggle their jam-packed schedules, asked fans like Brittany Bernard?

Chen, who in addition to co-hosting “The Talk,” is a mother, stepmother and host of the reality series “Big Brother,” had some oft-admitted but crucial advice: “say no sometimes!”

“You need to prioritize,” Chen said. “If you can’t get to everything or do everything, that’s okay.”

Tyler—who (along with “The Talk” and other projects) does stand-up comedy, voices a character on an animated television show for adults, acts on the big screen and hosts a podcast series—had a different approach:

“I pretty much work all the time,” she said a bit sheepishly, before adding that she vowed to carve out more time for herself and her family this year.

Fan Jennifer Faragalli wanted to know who Julie’s favorite contestants were on the reality series “Big Brother.”

“Dr. Will Kirby, Season 2, for men, and I have a soft spot in my heart for Janelle [Pierzina],” Chen answered, after a moment of thought.

As for “The Talk,” Tonya Hinton-Green was curious about whether it’s as fun as it looks to be on the set everyday, to which Julie and Aisha had a resounding response: “Yes!”

Tyler described the show as “a pleasant place to go to,” and Chen agreed, calling it “a show with heart and humor.”

And that tied in with fan Kimberly Trew’s question, which hinged on the abundance of shows on television that perpetuate unflattering views of women and what strong, intelligent women like them can do to combat that image.

“I don’t think everyone wants negative, salacious gossip always,” she added, referring to efforts to keep the show positive.

When asked who they consider their dream guests, First Lady Michelle Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton were on both of their lists. Halle Berry, Angelina Jolie, the royal couple and Alec Baldwin were other hopefuls along with Clint Eastwood. “Though he’d (Eastwood) probably be a terrible interview,” Tyler quipped.

Finally, Doug Goslin asked whether there was any Philadelphia food the two were anxious to try during their visit.

“I need to have a cheesesteak,” Chen declared. “I’ve heard about Pat’s and Geno’s.”

Tyler, who has spent time in the area and admitted eating more than one cheesesteak during her last visit, suggested the “sliced white cheese” as opposed to whiz, before opening up the Great Cheesesteak Debate to the rest of the table.

But there wasn’t enough time for that debate: after a round of photos and goodbyes, the busy co-hosts were out the door and off to another city, before kicking off Season 3 of “The Talk.”

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