By Phran Novelli

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Call it the first rule of gardening or Weeding 101: Don’t wait.
The great thing about weeding in early spring, is it’s something positive you can do right now, and since most weeds don’t have deep roots yet, you can cover a lot of ground fast for instant gratification.

I know, you go to the Flower Show and you come home wanting to do ‘big things’ in your garden, make major changes, plant a big swath of fabulous new flowers. But you can’t quite yet, and if you think about it, one of the things that makes those Flower Show displays so impressive is how meticulously maintained they are. Yes, crews of people spend days watering, primping, deadheading faded flowers, and wiping dust off leaves so everything looks PERFECT at the Flower Show. You may never be able to do that in your garden, but you can use the spark you got from the Flower Show – plus your pent up gardening get-go from the winter – to go out and get your garden back into shape.

Start with those weeds.

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