Nutter’s Proposed Budget Includes Funds To Hire 400 Police Officers

By Mike Dunn

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Among the many details in Mayor Nutter’s new budget is a plan to hire 400 more police officers over the coming year. Commissioner Charles Ramsey says that’ll help, as the department tries to keep up with retirements fueled by the controversial DROP program.

The goal of the mayor’s budget is to have a uniformed police force numbering 6500. The department is only about 125 below that currently, but pending retirements could push them further from the goal. So, Commissioner Ramsey is thrilled to have funding to hire 400 officers in the coming year.

Beyond that, Ramsey faces 300 officers leaving in both 2014 and 2015 through the DROP program. “The good news is that you can project out for that. That’s the whole point of DROP, knowing who’s leaving, what position they hold. You can start to think and fill in replacements in those critical areas. And we’ve begun doing that.”

Under DROP, the officers commit to retiring in four years, in return for a lump sum payout upon retirement. That commitment allows Ramsey to know years out who will be leaving.

“I have a DROP list by year, going out to 2015. So, I can anticipate who’s going to leave, and start making arrangements now.”

Mayor Nutter says DROP is too costly; he tried but failed last year to convince City Council to eliminate the pension perk.

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  1. haywood says:

    How are retirements “fueled” by drop mike? If anything, retirements are staved off for four years by drop in addition to the benefit to the city in knowing who and how many will retire and when. your reporting is irresponsible.

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