By Phran Novelli

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Want to see it again? It’s hard to see everything at the Flower Show on the first go ’round. You get an overview and take in the big picture as the crush of the crowd coaxes you along, but you’ll miss a lot too. Meet up with friends after your tour, and they’ll inevitably be talking about some apparently amazing display they saw that you somehow missed.

But when you go back through the show a second time, you can focus; take pictures, note the name of a cultivar you really love, and pay attention to details that you want to replicate in your garden – such as precisely how a plant is pruned, or the way a path is placed.

So take one tour then take a break. Get something to eat, or take in a talk to clear your head. Then go back through the Flower Show again.

This year it’s open until 9:30 every night through Saturday to give you time. You’ll feel more relaxed and you won’t have to spend all year saying, ‘I really should have gone back to see what that thing was with the poofy pink flower.’

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