5:40 Mitt Romney won a close victory in Ohio to cap off his Super Tuesday.

5:44 Romney’s win in Ohio, however, was too weak to close the deal and put Rick Santorum away.

mitt romney Stigall Show Log 3.7.12

Mitt Romney (Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images)

6:11 Mitt Romney’s wife , Ann, says she doesn’t think she’s rich.

6:45 The Pennsylvania Turnpike officials are taking steps to eliminate toll takers.

6:56 Mitt Romney is settling in as the default choice, based more on electability.

7:10 Chris talks to Jay Himes, Executive Director of the Pennsylvania Association of School Business Officials, about the rising cost of pensions to school employees.

8:10 Chris talks to Philadelphia Magazine Editor Tom McGrath, about media attacks on Rush Limbaugh, the affordability of Philadelphia, and new homes being built at the shore.

8:27 President Obama held a press conference yesterday and addressed the potential of war with Iran.

8:41 President Obama said he’s not happy about rising gas prices in an election year.

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