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By Hadas Kuznits

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — The folks at Virgin Atlantic airways are going the extra mile to make sure their first class passengers have a peaceful flight.

Virgin Atlantic wants their first class customers to enjoy a quiet flight so much, they’ve hired “Whispering Coaches” to teach the crew how to speak to customers to make them more relaxed.

“I think that’s a good idea! Especially in first class–you pay more money, you should get better service,” one person said.

“I think it’s good for anybody, actually, on a flight anywhere, to remember their indoor voice,” said another.

And of course, passengers would also be required to keep their voices low:

“I don’t think you should have to teach people how to whisper. I think it would be enough to post signs.”

“I don’t whisper. I don’t wanna whisper. I wouldn’t want to pay money and then have to whisper,” was another reaction.

Other people thought it was “kind of weird,” and one summed it up with:

“There’s a job for anything, I guess!”

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