Exclusive: Police Investigate YouTube Video Of 8th Graders Fighting In Philadelphia Classroom

By Walt Hunter

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Philadelphia School District officials confirm they are now investigating to learn more about a YouTube video that shows two 8th grade students viciously beating each other inside the Carnell School in Northeast Philadelphia.

The classroom video, first revealed in an exclusive CBS 3 I-Team investigation, shows two students fighting as fellow pupils cheer and shout. Finally, the fight is broken up by two adults, believed to be school district employees.

Philadelphia School District spokesperson Fernando Gallard says neither of the two students was seriously hurt, and the District does have a police officer assigned to the K-8th grade school.

Parents told CBS 3 they are concerned about the violence and how long, they say, it took employees to intervene.

The fight, which took place on December 5th, was posted on YouTube the same day.

Gallard says elementary school administrators acted immediately, suspending one of the two battling students, who attacked another pupil at his desk, as well as the student who recorded the video.

Gallard says, however, School District officials and police were never notified about the violence until Wednesday. The District, Gallard adds, will now look into the incident, including why top officials and police were not immediately told about it when it happened.

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One Comment

  1. in the trenches says:

    I love how anytime there is a problem in a school district, fingers are automatically pointed at the “highly qualified, over-paid teachers”. Of course we won’t talk about the lack of support from the Admin. when it comes to discipline….. SMH

  2. Jeff says:

    Forget it. This has been going on forever. If a teacher gets hurt breaking up a fight, they are not covered by their health insurance carrier.This was told to teachers by union reps a couple of years ago. I broke up many fights in my day, but it’s just not worth it. You get hurt and you’re on your own. As a teacher gets older, he or she is less prone to even get near a fight like that. This is our society, and this is your public schools.

  3. JW says:

    If there were an expose about the complex, debilitating nature of violence and immorality that occurs daily in the Philadelphia Public Schools, it would be fascinating.
    It is particularly striking that students from identical demographic segments, with the same intelligence can thrive in the Catholic School system, by contrast.
    Can we model Catholic School culture and success for all our families?
    What are the costs vs. outcomes?
    –For instance, in teacher salaries—the public school teachers are far more expensive and Highly Qualified –with less effectiveness than Catholic Schools.
    –and there are other measurable parameters of school success that can be modeled from Catholic Schools to better serve our families and communities.
    Please take a look.

  4. kathelleen says:

    the students need a counselors there for students to talk about feelings. there is a strong need to share feelings and adults to teach in a mature way that feelings are ok and it is good to share them maturely.

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