5:45 The investigation of  the death of Cardinal Anthony Bevilacqua. What is the reasoning behind it?

5:58 Gov. Chris Christie says he fully expects Romney to win Michigan. If he does not, there could be a fallout in the GOP race.

6:20 New York Times writer, Charles Blow, tweets about Romney and his “magic underwear”, then later apologizes.

6:43 Local high school student asks Taylor Swift to go to prom with him…but instead Swift offered him an invite to the Country Music Awards in Las Vegas in April.

6:48 Smith’s Restaurant and Lounge in Philadelphia gets alot of attention for the message written on their street chalk board sign. The sign read, “I like my beer like I like my violence….domestic.”

7:12 Chris talks to Michael Bronstein and Jeff Roe on the Monday Morning Matchup about Chris Christie’s support of Mitt Romney for the Republican primary.

7:40 Chris chats with Sean Carpenter, chairman of the Property and Finance Committee and member of the school board in the West Chester School District about the possibility of having advertisments in school hallways and on buses to create revenue for the school district.

8:15 Chris talks to Brendan Smith, owner of Smith’s Restaurant and Lounge in Rittenhouse Square about the controversial street sign an employee put up and the repercussions that have come along because of it.

8:40  Chris chats with Deborah Norville of Inside Editon about last nights Oscars.

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