Parents Have Mixed Feelings About Ads In Schools

By Jim Melwert and Brad Segall

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Another suburban school district is looking at a plan that would allow advertising inside the district’s schools as a way to generate badly-needed revenue. And the plan is getting mixed reviews.

The West Chester School Board is expected to vote Monday night to move forward with a recommendation that the district look into selling advertisements that would be allowed in schools. If approved, a committee would be formed to write a policy that would set guidelines on what kinds of ads would be allowed.

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So what does the public think of the idea of advertisements in schools?

With the promised oversight, parents like Ed Maloney say they could get behind the idea, “as long as it’s appropriate advertising, I think it would be okay to supplement the budget of the school.”

But the thought of advertising in schools certainly has its critics. There are those who question the idea, saying ads would just be another distraction. “I think that we’re being too bombarded with advertisements and it’s also at an age whereby, depending on what type of advertisement, it could form an opinion within the child.”

This person agrees: “We don’t need any of that stuff. The last thing we need to do is subject our kids to more commercialism as they’re trying to get some studying done.  I think it’s a terrible idea.”

But, others say it might not be a bad thing, if it were, say an ad for a college. “I don’t see it being inappropriate. I think we should be promoting college and higher education to our students.”

What do you think about ads in schools? Share your thoughts in the comments section.

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One Comment

  1. West Chester Parent says:

    West Chester needs to balance it’s budget, and this is one of the more acceptable of a host of not so appealing options like increasing class sizes or closing an elementary school.
    Advertising is getting alot of press right now, but it is hardly the big story coming out of Tuesday night’s WC Property & Finance meeting. What you should be asking people is how they feel about our new board creating a new policy to hinder the question and commentary that has always been allowed at WCASD committee meetings. Why are new board members who campaigned on “transparency” and “involving all stakeholders” creating a new policy, after less than 3 months on the board, that will completely change how committee meetings have run in the past? Could it be they’re not so keen on sharing information and all this open dialogue talk is just for show?

  2. smash44 says:

    A distraction? In a public school? C’mon. What about the liberal Democratic child rapists and pedophiles that masquerade as teacher. Guess that’s not a distraction is it?

  3. Kathelleen Parsons says:

    Yes, agree that we are bombarded with ads everywhere we go. but look at the marketing aspects, it works. if a company is willing to put an educational ad up around the school, then it is worth not having the music & arts programs and sport programs being the first to cut and other programs that the school should look into to improve the quality of life. Then I am for it! and are great start for getting advertising, but lets keep Bart Simpson, Family guy, and South park ads out of school and look for ads with more Morals such as hospitals and healthier options that are focus on positives. I am for the ads!

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