5:41 Overview of the GOP debate last night in Arizona.

6:58 Kids in Lower Merion getting “shmacked” and video taping themselves under the influence of alcohol and drugs.

7:12 Chris talks to John Hayward, writer from Human Events, about the last GOP debate and the candidates for the Republican primary.

7:40 Chris chats with Representative Mike Turzai about the decision PA Legislature must make to either modernize or privatize the PA Liquor Control Board.

8:15 Can Rick Santorum defy conventional wisdom and win over the hearts and more importantly the votes of Republicans?

8:42 Chris talks to Walt Hunter about the breaking story of kids in the area recording themselves getting “shmacked”, using drugs and alcohol then getting into the car and driving. Also, making t-shirts commemorating the act of getting “shmacked” and selling them to other teens.


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