One Of ‘Shmacked’ Videographers Speaks Out

By Walt Hunter

LOWER MERION, Pa. (CBS) — One of the two videographers who created a video appearing to show Lower Merion and Harriton High School students drinking, using illegal drugs and vandalizing things, now says he did not intend to encourage the activities seen on the video.

An exclusive CBS 3 I-Team investigation first revealed the video, which was shot last spring and posted on YouTube for several weeks.

The video appears to show students drinking, waving a bag of marijuana, inhaling from a smoke-filled bong, carrying liquor bottles in an SUV, and, at one point, staggering down a flight of stairs and vandalizing a window.

The videographer, who insists no real alcohol was consumer or drugs taken, now tells CBS 3:

“Our videos are not intended to advocate drinking or illicit drug use. We are producing a documentary that is archiving a point in time where these issues are prevalent. I would welcome the opportunity to talk to parents or school officials about conditions that I would argue are the responsibility of the school administrators and the parents and taxpayers who hire them.”

The video was strongly criticized by the Montgomery County District Attorney and school officials, who sent letters to all parents in the district warning of the consequences of the actions seen on the video.

The two videographers also indicated that they have been in touch with networks and may make the video part of a much larger business venture.

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One Comment

  1. dave says:

    “pretty convincing props if that’s the case”!? Sounds like Chris May and/or CBS has already served as jury and judge and are convinced these students actually did what is depicted in a video regardless of what the videographers state. Not surprising considering CBS is always first to throw someone under the bus and presume guilty until proven innocent. Reads like Ferman might have a little egg on her face and will have a hard time proving a case. Her next assignment ought to be prosecuting The Terminator for killing all those people in the Terminator movies, or Luke Skywalker for killing all those people when he exploded the Death Star (or whatever that thing was), or Bruce Willis for all the people he maimed/killed in the movies, or Clint for all those he maimed/killed, or…, or…, or… It’s a movie people. A little objectivity wouldn’t hurt.

  2. Jaay says:

    Shmacking is all the rage!

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