Devon Prep Senior Connell White Visits Haiti To See Earthquake Aftermath

By Cherri Gregg

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – A student from a Chester County prep school traveled to Haiti and got a crash course in the real life aftermath of an earthquake.

“I don’t think any experience that could prepare really you.”

Devon Prep Senior Connell White spent three days in Haiti. He traveled there with his father on a recruiting trip sponsored by Notre Dame. He says it was hard to believe that it’s been more than two years since the devastating earthquake shook Haiti, killing thousands and leaving even more without homes.

“We went by the capital building, which was still torn in two. It looked like nothing was being done and it honestly looked like nothing is going to be done because there is no money.”

He says even though Haiti’s capital, Port au Prince, sits in ruin, the people he met were jubilant and hopeful.

“They have so much respect for their country, they have so much pride in being called Haitian.”

White says he wants to go back and to help, but in the meantime he is thankful.

“As cliché as it sounds, it makes me appreciate what I have.”


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  1. Peter says:

    I was wondering why where this kid goes to school mattered. Why can’t the story just be about a high school kid going to Haiti and mention that it was through his school, Devon Prep. Why are the first two words in the headline “Devon Prep” when he was the only kid from that school who went there.

  2. mike says:

    This is KYW’s problem. Devon Prep and ND are Catholic institutions. Nowhere is that mentioned in the article. Does it violate KYW’s policies to state anything positive? The Church and its charities perform good works, despite risk and the persecution Catholics experience at home and abroad.. The Church was in Haiti before, during, and now alone after the distaster. No more does anyone care about Haiti. Billions have been stolen, and KYW and its peers care nothing really. However, the Catholics are there to provide some support and relief. Itis a fundamental part of the faith. As beneficial, broad, and critical the Catholic contributions, KYW decides to obsess about the child abuse angle for shock and revenue, while ignoring other religions similar and sometimes more grave offenses against children, like the article in the NYP about Brooklyn’s Andrew Goodman, who raped, invited men from the internet to rape the boys, and he video taped it. Goodman is a Jew, and the rabbi in the article said his community knew of the “monster” since 2006. In 2012, Goodman is arrested. The DA and the Media decided not to publicize it. Syracuse’s Basketball coach Bernie Fine, who raped boys, as did his wife, is not mentioned in KYW. Jewish children desereve the ssame rights and protection as the gentile children,
    It is Lent KYW, and I suggest you reflect on what institutional racism and intolerance you have cultivated and nutured among you ranks, and confess and atone. It is not too late.

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