By Tiffany Bucciarelli

Does your usual workout seem like a scene from the movie Groundhog Day—just more of the same old, same old? Then try something new or go somewhere different to change up your routine. Maybe try some unique exercises or get inspired by one of Philadelphia’s fittest to motivate you to break a sweat.

Jeremy Maclin of the Philadelphia Eagles

Jeremy works out at Power Train Sports Institute in Cherry Hill, NJ during the off-season. He does his actual NFL training here in addition to team-sponsored workouts. The owner and head trainer puts together specific workouts for every athlete who works out at Power Train and Jeremy has benefited immensely from the program. He also regularly attends LA Fitness in Woodbury, NJ. He just attends LA Fitness when he wants to run or play some basketball.

Jeremy says, “I really enjoy the environment and the programs at Power Train. When you wake up in the morning knowing you have a workout scheduled at Power Train, you definitely know that your body is going to be challenged and they are going to help your overall performance. I leave that place with nothing left in the tank and I know everyone that goes there feels the same way.”

Jeremy also adds, “LA Fitness is a local place that I like to go get some fun competition on the basketball courts. I know I need to stay in shape so I go there to do some cardio and run up and down on the basketball courts.”

Jesse Wright Strength and Conditioning Coach for the Philadelphia 76ers

Jesse takes pride in training many of the best athletes in Philadelphia. His full time focus is strength and conditioning the 76ers athletes, but he never forgets to practice what he preaches. Jesse’s schedule is pretty hectic, weather he is coaching the players here at the Philadelphia training facilities or traveling with the players – he always finds time to train himself. When he is in Philadelphia, he chooses to train at the 76ers training facility out of sure convenience due to his dedication to the 76ers.

His exercise routine incorporates bouts of strength training, mixed cardio, and is more focused on heart rate levels than length of time. Jesse states, “I do 40 minute workouts that include mixed cardio and strength training. I also incorporate sprint intervals to increase my heart rate.”

Jesse also references other lifestyle habits like, proper nutrition, sleep, and the importance of taking a multi vitamin. Jesse says, “I like to take a liquid multivitamin, it keeps me moving.”

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