Philadelphia Police Job Fair Draws Large Crowd Of Applicants

By Mike Dougherty

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – As several local police departments are making difficult staff cuts, Philadelphia police are adding to their ranks with hopes of cutting crime in the city. Applicants attended a career fair at the police training center in Northeast Philadelphia.

The number of officers to be hired is still up in the air, though it’s believed they will add a few hundred in the next two years.

Soldier Mike Reyes hopes to be one of them. He thinks his experience in the army as well as his passion will help him stand out among thousands of applicants.

“Law enforcement is my thing. It runs in my family; uncles, aunts, my mom. So I have to get into it.”

Sergeant Roberto Aponte says opportunities for advancement make Philadelphia a desirable place to work.

“Over 6,000 people have applied so far. Of those 6,000, at least 1,300 laterals have applied with us, which means that they’re officers somewhere in the United States that have interest in coming with us.”

The starting salary for officers who graduate training is $45,000.

There is another career fair March 10th. But interested applicants that cannot attend the job fair can still apply and get more information, by visiting The actual deadline for all applications is March 16th.

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One Comment

  1. THE TRUTH says:

    Hiring more cops won’t resolve the problems that exist in the CITY OF PHILADELPHIA. This is a city filled with a culture of drugs, and violence. A hip hop culture that teaches young adolescent that gangs, drugs, and guns is the only solution to success. Hiring more cops means more murders on the streets of Philly. Jeopardizing more officers in the line of duty. In order to make a change is not by hiring more cops. Its one of the solution to help deter crimes. But on the other hand, cops walking in the neighborhoods are more of a target. Their safeties should be a concern for putting their lives to secure some of these beat-up neighborhoods.The solution is to change the CULTURE in Philly. Community leaders, mothers, fathers should take more responsibility in monitoring their children. Raised them to be perfect citizens and not pushed them towards the street life. A culture filled with honor and respect wouldnt lead Philly into the murder capital. This problem involves every one living in this city. Public education, teachers, counselors also have major influences on the outcome of these children..

  2. haywood says:

    why don’t you people in the news media actually do your jobs and do a little investigation? how many police academy graduations have you covered in the last five years? how many graduates? now take into account how many the pd loses each month. the city has a “job fair” to hire cops and you in the news media eat it up like they are hiring them already. its brilliant for the city, they get credit for hiring cops that they haven’t hired. and we feel safer already, don’t we?

  3. Alec says:

    I hope they up their criteria. There have been a good share of bad philly cops in the past 3 years, I believe partial blame is on Chief Ramsey for running a sloppy disorganized department that is a brief glimpse of the quality policing done by John Timoney. I don’t know that hiring new cops under Ramsey is a good plan.

  4. Cynthia Petillo says:

    Wonderful news, they’re hiring!!! Soldiers are the perfect candidates for this job. Let’s hire these guys, so they can put Philly where it was years ago, the greatest City!

  5. Francis Graff says:

    $ 45,000.00 a year is not enough to approve any member of my family from joining. The streets are lost, and the drug wars are triumphant.

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