Over 100 Workers Laid Off From Marcus Hook Sunoco Refinery

By Cherri Gregg

MARCUS HOOK, Pa. (CBS) — Nearly a third of the employees at the Sunoco Marcus Hook refinery had their last day on Friday. As Sunoco continues to move out of the plant, it could be only a matter of time for the remaining employees.

Vince Bucci has been a maintenance electrician at the Marcus Hook refinery for 10 years. He says he’s the second generation of Bucci’s to work for Sunoco. He says his father worked as a technician for two decades.

“It was a good place to work, it was family oriented. A lot of good people. It’s very discouraging that all the things that encouraged me to follow in my father’s footsteps have been taken away. ”

Sunoco is still working with union officials to negotiate severance packages for the workers, but in the meantime 25 year Sunoco veteran Valerie Felker says workers are in limbo. (see related story)

“We have lives, you know and their holding these people up that need to make a decision, what medical plan should I go to and they’re holding people hostage right now.

The idled plant is scheduled for closure later this year.

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  • Gina

    Sad to see all those jobs go yet the environmentalist must be jumping for joy. Too bad those enviironmentally sound businesses found a great incentive from the Feds to open up shop elsewhere. What’s tragic in all of this is how far the people choose to blind themselves to the realities of elected officals. Ignorance to the political system has crushed America.

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  • Tyred

    It’s always more of the same to justify greed….oh, excuse me it’s “a healthy profit margin”. The average guy is always the one who takes the hardest hit.

    The recent fuel price hikes are being deflected toward the troubles with Iran. There’s also a component related to the closing of these local refineries with more to come when they finally close. Yet, NOBODY is saying a word about that!! Makes you wonder………

  • Hadenoughuc

    just so the fat at the top can still get there bonuses and more in wages.more good workers laid off just to fatten the tops pockets.>now if we eliminate one or 2 uppers they could hire more and keep things rolling cheaper.

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