By Cherri Gregg

CAMDEN, N.J.  (CBS) – A group of students from the Creative Arts Morgan Village Academy in Camden are headed to the Czech Republic in a few weeks for the Young Prague Music Festival. But the cost to get there is a huge challenge.

The group of 25 high school students hopes to sing in the Czech Republic next month and it’ll take a village to raise $50,000 which covers fees for the flight, hotel, meals and choir entry.

“The students, we require them to come up with $500 and the rest was supposed to come through donations, sponsorships,” Choir Director Suzzette Ortiz says she’s taken students to Puerto Rico, Italy and Africa over the years.

But this year, raising the money to has been tough. With less than six weeks to go they still need $25,000.

“To raise their money, they have become very creative. The students who are artists and paint, they offer their services.”

They’ve sold donuts, raffle tickets and more. Senior Robyn Coleman helped the choir raise $1,700 in two days when the group sang outside of Walmart.

“Even though I was so tired on the inside, on the outside I was like, come on you guys we can do this!  Can you please help us.”

Senior Nissim Steeley says is looking forward to the trip to Prague. He says he has never been outside of the country.

“I see it as a great opportunity to do well and to have a good name for our city and go abroad and show the world what we have to offer.”

Both Coleman and Steeley says they want the world to hear the good things that can come from the City of Camden.

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