Spike Eskin Says: Make No Mistake, Philly Would Go Nuts For Jeremy Lin

By Spike Eskin

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — There is no doubt that the fact that Jeremy Lin is playing in New York raises the profile of his story. Amazing as it is, there is no doubt that the level of exposure is heightened because he’s doing it in the largest city in the country.

But make no mistake, it doesn’t make it any less amazing. It might make it an even better story. We’ve seen how many players blink when the spotlight is shined directly into their eyes. Lin stared directly into the light last night in Toronto and won the game.

I’ve heard from a lot from a lot of Sixers fans (of course, I am one) over the last few days about Lin, and how the story is being blown out of proportion because it’s the happening to the Knicks. How if this happened in Philadelphia, it wouldn’t be near the story it is. How we don’t know enough about Lin yet, and Knicks fans are crazy for “putting him in the Hall Of Fame already.”

Give me a break.

Bobby Hoying was the savior. AJ Feeley was in the Hall Of Fame. Domonic Brown t-shirt jerseys were flying off the shelves the day of his first start. Remember when Wilson Valdez pitched an inning? We made kind of a big deal about that. Oh and by the way, I’ve heard people at the Wells Fargo Center chanting “MVP” at Spencer Hawes.

Let’s be real about this for just one second, if Jeremy Lin was playing in Philadelphia right now we’d be out of our minds. We’d be buying jerseys, talking about championships and putting together play-on-words headlines like “LIN-Villa Orchards” and “LIN-stant Success” and “LIN-credible.” He’d have his own fan group in the upper deck called the “LIN-BIN.”

The newspaper headline would read “All We Do Is Lin.”

We would love every second of it, and be just as irrational, because that’s part of the fun. Meanwhile, Knicks fans would be flooding their radio stations with calls about how we’re really jumping the gun on this one, and he’s not as good as we think he is.

I don’t like the Knicks. The minute Carmelo Anthony comes back, I will like them even less. I hope it all falls apart into an ego-laden mess. But right now,  this story is what sports are all about, and New York fans are acting as they should. To tell the truth, I’m a little bit jealous.

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One Comment

  1. Capo Flynn says:

    What else is new with philthydelphia?! Jealous of NYC?! GET USED TO IT!! WHERE THE ONLY CITY IN THIS COUNTRY THAT TRULY MATTERS!! DEAL WITH IT!! GO KNICKS!!!

  2. Requiter says:

    Hmm, still waiting on ESPN too overkill the Lin story. Much like they did w/ Tebow. Was lil surprised that Howard’s son got an ariticle here btw.

  3. Debbie says:

    Q: Whats worse than tuning into WIP and hearing Spike Eskin?

    A: Nothing

  4. dave says:

    Spike is the worst host on a station already void of talent…..he sounds like a wuss bag and looks like he just got out of rehab. I wonder if WIP made a deal with his father causing him to retire due to 97.5 kicking his ass for the last 3 years and now they’re giving his lame ass son a weekly show on the station….

  5. Marco says:

    Would someone please proof read this article then fix it. It is so horribly written I had a difficult time figuring out what the story was about.

  6. Spikesmommy says:

    I can’t believe there is a link to an Eskin on yahoo. Daddy made a career out of going against public opinion just to stir up argument, and somehow being the cutest thing philly could find for a sideline reporter. And now his pip squeak kid who laughingly calls himself SPIKE is gonna make a career out of his last name.

  7. James says:

    I like how you write a poorly argued, four hundred word, story every day to cash in on Jeremy Lin hype. Nice. This is like sports talk radio in print.

    1. Spike says:

      I admire your poorly argued, 20 word, on the Jeremy Lin story, to try and cash in on there Jeremy Lin hype. Nice. This is like a sports talk radio caller in print.

  8. Sports Phan says:

    Philadelphia still has a basketball team?

  9. THE TRUTH says:

    With Lin success, its a Cinderella story that should be told worldwide. On the other hand, it shows the prejudice in sports. Coaches, scouts aren’t attracted to giving Lin a chance because he’s Asian. Now that he put on a show in New York, maybe they should start doing their job and start scouting and finding real talents. Whether it be the recreational center or colleges! Be on the lookout for a new generation of Asian Americans! 6’0 and up coming to an NBA near you. Open your eyes, and you will take notice! Plus, its more than race to this. Lin has a natural ability to create plays for his teammates plus he can score and shoot accurately. Name a player in the sixers that can do that? Andre Igoudala? PLEASE! Go find some real talent!

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