A Phillies TV Network?

By Matt Leon

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — We are less than a week away from spring training, and there is lots happening in the world of baseball.

On the national scene, the Oakland a’s made some headlines by signing Cuban defector Yoenis Cespedes, an outfielder, to a four-year, $36-million dollar contract.

The Yankees are desperately trying to deal up-and-down righthander A.J. Burnett.

A little closer to home, the Phillies TV rights could be on the table in a few years and that could mean big, big money.

KYW’s Matt Leon and baseball insider Seth Everett talk about all these issues as they get ready for Phillies pitchers and catchers to report on Saturday.

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One Comment

  1. Pie-rat says:

    Yes, Yes! The comcast extortion must end!!!!! I currently have 4 boxes in my house because I want the flexabilty of watching a game in any room especially when they are on the west coast and I may be in bed. Most of the games are on Comcast so, I am forced to use them. My mom who is 88 and on a fixed income loves the Phillies has to have a one box for $75.00 bucks a month just to watch the games. If there was a more liberal network that would carry more than just a handfull of games, thats one bill she could get rid of. Currently I pay it for her becasue she loves her Phillies and would be lost without them. This is horrible!!!!!

  2. Nightman says:

    News Flash Verizon has Comcast Sportsnet

    1. Pie-rat says:

      Unfortunately, thats Fios and not available in my area. Plus the cost for the triple play is not that much better.

  3. dave says:

    As long as I could get it on DirecTV, I wouldn’t care.

  4. Mike in Philly says:

    Comcast must not be allowed to “take over” the Phillies TV broadcasts. I refuse to have Comcast in my home as it is, I would miss the Phillies if they are only available on PAY TV with Comcast in “control”… Sports belongs to the public and it’s an embarrassment that Comcast has been allowed to destroy both hockey and basketball broadcasts to the general public in the city. Sports belongs on FREE broadcast channels for the most part – but Comcast wants otherwise….BOYCOTT…

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