Philadelphia Police Investigate Fatal Shooting Over Dog Waste In Tacony

By Todd Quinones and Jim Melwert

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – An apparent ongoing dispute between neighbors, one accusing the other of not picking up after his Chihuahua, ended with a man being shot and killed Tuesday afternoon in Northeast Philadelphia.

Authorities say the alleged shooter has been charged with murder.

The suspect has been identified by police as 27-year-old Tyrirk Harris.  Harris is accused of killing Franklin Manuel Santana, 47, whom neighbors say leaves behind a two-moth-old baby.

santana franklin victim family photo side Philadelphia Police Investigate Fatal Shooting Over Dog Waste In Tacony

(Franklin Santana. Family photo)

According to police, Santana (right) was shot at least three times in the neck and head.

It was a confrontation that has been brewing for some time, according to neighbors. Neighbors say Santana grew increasingly frustrated by Harris not cleaning up after his dog.

Investigators tell Eyewitness News that Santana walked up to Harris’ porch, the two got into a verbal altercation, which turned physical and the 27-year-old pulled out a 9mm handgun.

“There was a struggle over the weapon. The weapon discharged. We don’t know if it was intentional or accidental because of the fight over the weapon,” Chief Inspector Scott Small said.

“I heard them arguing when I was walking by and then I heard gunshots,” one neighbor said.

Santana was pronounced dead about 4:30 p.m. on Harris’ porch.

Neighbors say Harris always had a holstered gun at his side.  Police say his license to carry had been revoked.

Philadelphia police commissioner Charles Ramsey called the incident a “senseless tragedy.”

“Those kinds of things just have to stop … that just makes no sense at all. I understand that supposedly there was some struggle, but multiples shots fired here and multiples shots is not accidental,” Ramsey said.

“Crazy to be shot over a dog,” said one neighbor.

Harris remains behind bars.

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  1. Linda D Bryant says:



  2. Roberto says:

    Frank, I don’t blame the people that sell and leave. Who wants to live in a place like this? I left Juniata just over a year ago precisely because of the same reasons.

  3. amanda says:

    This should not happen anywhere. People need to start respecting their neighbors, neighborhoods, as well as themselves. This vicious cycle has to end somewhere. There are some many wonderful people in Philadelphia, we all need to stick up for our city and take it back from these lowlifes.

  4. Francis Graff says:

    Police need a more pro active plan, with the help of other in place agencies to assist people with problems that lead to killings. Such as; dog disputes, and parking spots rage. There should be a one stop number to call to resolve these problems before they end up in a fatality. I have complained about barking dogs to the local district, and talk about “it’s not my job”. We have to hear the barks. Go figure. This incident, as sad as it is, did not have to happen.

  5. Mr Fields says:

    Wow looks like Big Brother going to need some more cameras pointing out there Northeast is not the Northeast anymore, it’s more like Compton California over there someone call the Police Commissioner maybe he will beef up the patrol oh how we forget that our politicians have wipe us clean of all the funding for all of the extra police, and half of the police are crooks themselves. So we have to make things right ourselves and get some Guardian Angels out for protection!
    Oh boy there is another joke I better get on stage! Im on a roll all I need is some lunch meat!

  6. Frank says:

    What a great neighborhood Tacony was, now for the last two or three years we’ve had section 8, drug dealers, drive by shootings. Look at the woman on Longshore St. keeping mentally challenged people prisoners, chained in the basement. Then think about the Chinese grocer, also on Longshore St., shot to death in front of his wife and baby. A Pakistani gentleman was taken from house on Knorr St. at gunpoint to his convenience store at Torresdale & Levick, forced to open up and robbed. A man was stabbed to death inside his residence in the 6200 block of Cottage St. last week, and an eight year old boy was injured, the unintended victim of a dive by shooting on Unruh Ave. & Ditman Sts.The sale signs are going up all over the place in a community that was previously crime free. What if this happened in Chestnut Hill, Society Hill or east Torresdale?

  7. m strong says:

    Sad article, but whoever wrote it needs to use spell check!!

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