La Salle Students Show Colleagues How To Eat Healthy Despite That Box o’ Chocolates

(Credit: Paul Kurtz)

(Credit: Paul Kurtz)

Paul Kurtz Paul Kurtz
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By Paul Kurtz

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — As many of us pig out today on Valentine’s Day candies, a group of LaSalle University students tried to push their healthy eating agenda — while handing out free chocolates at the same time.

“Why fight it?” is what members of LaSalle’s “Club Nutrition” asked as Valentine’s Day approached.  So they decided to go with the flow and offer a healthy twist to the holiday.

“We took the most popular candy, which are M&Ms, Hershey’s kisses, and Dove chocolates, and we made them into a 100-calorie serving size,” says Jessica Brennan.  “That way you can still eat healthy while eating chocolate.”

And the healthiest chocolate, she says, is the dark kind:

“Gram for gram, it has the same type of antioxidants as fruits and vegetables would have. And also you want to get the dark chocolate with the most cocoa, because that’s going to be the one that’s be better for you.”

The trick, of course, is to resist the urge to go back for seconds.

“I have my own little stash back there, but I’m only eating one,” Brennan said.   “So I’m gonna try to hold myself to just one.”

One woman grabbed an extra serving and claimed it was for… her friend.  Right.