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2/18/12 – by Dom Giordano

The battle with the president over the rights of the Catholic Church  to not be involved in violating their teachings in the the dispesing of health insurance under Obamacare has really  upped the ante over the weekend and this battle does affect the presidential race.  It helps Santorum because he can channel this into his overall themes.

It  also reignites the culture wars and I think it sends the clear message that the Left is shoving their values down the throats of everyone else. I predict that the bishops must dig in because the president is trying to say that they are not the only voice that speaks for Catholics. They have been hurt by the priest scandal and their pushback on this could affect how Catholics vote.

I was very interested this week to hear from so many listeners who in the past may not have been the biggest fans of Rick Santorum but now say he can beat President Obama in Pennsylvania.  I think he can beat Romney in Pa. and I think this year we will have a meaningful primary in Pa.

I think we will not see another moment of Newt getting off the canvass. It’s going to be Romney or Santorum with a long shot possibility of neither getting enough delegates and a brokered convention going with Christie or Jeb Bush.

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  1. Terry L Starr says:

    I agree that the Catholic Bishops have to dig their heals in and keep the fires burning on this issue. The problem for the Church is that they have left the government decide for women that their body belongs to them and they have a right to decide what is right or wrong. The Catholic Church takes a strong stand on this issue, but their theological teaching is lacking. Our bodies, man or woman, are God’s property, not the governments and certainly not ours. Obviously to most Catholic women, the ship already sailed on the birth control issue, they like the governments plan better than God’s. Obama is betting he can win on this appeal to women. Keep up the good work Dom. You are a real crusader and I enjoy your show down here in Southern Delaware.

  2. Lonnie S says:

    Hey Dom,
    RE: Ash Wednesday

    Joe Biden wears his ashes each Ash Wednesday.

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